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If you wish to reproduce in another publication material copyrighted by Journal for Leadership Advancement, click here to print out our faxable Reprint Permission Form, in PDF format, or you may complete the following online form. In either case, please complete the form in its entirety (fields below marked  *  are required). Incomplete forms cannot be processed.


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IIf your selection adapts or alters in any way Journal for Leadership Advancement copyrighted material, a photocopy of the material to be reprinted, indicating any edits, should be sent to:

  • Journal for Leadership Advancement

  • Attn: Rights and Permissions

  • PO Box 1668

  • Blackwood, NJ 08012

If this request is for reuse of material for which permission was previously granted, please supply a copy of the previous permission agreement and any additional information regarding the previous use.

We cannot grant permission over the telephone and ask that you allow us two to four weeks to process your request. Our reply will include the grant of permission and information about any restrictions or permissions fees. Please note, however, that permission will not apply to any material that is separately copyrighted. It is your responsibility to determine, based on the credit lines or source notations in the publication, the correct copyright source for the permission you seek. Thank you.




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